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South Africa is now an attractive mining investment destination | Dalit Anstey and Zinzi Lawrence

02 Jun 2021
BY Zinzi Lawrence AND Dalit Anstey
ENSafrica Natural Resources and Environment Associate, Zinzi Lawrence and Dalit Anstey sit down and converse about SA being an attractive mining destination.

Podcast | The future of trade in Africa | Celia Becker

27 May 2021
BY Celia Becker
In the latest edition of Business Law Focus, Editor Evan Pickworth interviews ENSafrica’s Executive: Africa Regulatory and Business Intelligence, Celia Becker on the future of trade in Africa.

Podcast | Africa in the spotlight: Uganda goes green and Botswana’s credit downgraded | Celia Becker

27 May 2021
BY Celia Becker
Ugandan lawmakers’ decision to pass the National Climate Change Bill to cut greenhouse gas emissions has been welcomed by climate change activists.

Podcast | OFM Making a case for patents | Rowan Forster

12 May 2021
Registering a patent for your creation isn’t always enough to ensure protection, but it remains the best and cleanest way to stake your claim for ownership of that product.

Podcast | Foreign nationals in SA urged to keep abreast of latest visa concessions | Zahida Ebrahim

12 May 2021
BY Zahida Ebrahim
Zahida Ebrahim, the Director of Immigration and Dispute Resolution Executive spoke to the OFM Business Hour team regarding some of the visa concessions which now apply to foreigners in South Africa.

Podcast | OFM | A trademark is the most valuable asset that a business owns | Gerard du Toit

04 May 2021
BY Gerard du Toit
A trademark is the ‘most valuable asset that a business owns. This is according to Gerard du Toit, a senior associate in the Intellectual Property department.

Podcast | OFM | Copyrights are relevant to all businesses in some form | Waldo Steyn | 15 APR 2021

15 Apr 2021
BY Waldo Steyn
ENSafrica exec Waldo Steyn, advises business owners to better educate themselves regarding intellectual property laws and understand how these “assets” can be owned and monetized.

Podcast | Cape Talk | Employers obligations to vulnerable employees before phase 2 of vaccinations | Lauren Salt

11 Mar 2021
BY Lauren Salt
Employment exec, Lauren Salt was a guest on the Afternoon Drive with John Maytham on Cape Talk, discussing vulnerable employees and the second phase of the vaccination rollout.

ENSafrica webinar | mines and vaccines: the next step | THU 4 FEB

03 Mar 2021
In this webinar ENSafrica execs explored what mines are doing to achieve health and safety in a COVID-19 world and how mining companies can continue to mitigate and manage the risk of the disease spreading.