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ENSafrica x Daily Maverick | ESG : Greenwashing or Game Changing?

20 Sep 2022
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Principles of ESG are increasingly becoming important in today’s corporate decision-making structures. It begs the question, is it a passing fad?

podcast | Business Law Focus | Tax Indaba 2022 Edition

08 Sep 2022
BY Mansoor Parker
Navigating the cross border ESG due diligence rules in the spotlight medium

webinar | ENSafrica x ǼLEX | third-party funding in international arbitration

08 Sep 2022
Join a global panel of industry leaders as they unpack third-party funding in international arbitration

ExcellENS Never Stops

01 Sep 2022
sound on 🔊

ENSafrica webinar | navigating African tax: a catalyst for business success

29 Jul 2022
BY Peter Dachs , Celia Becker , Jenny Klein , Jens Brodbeck , Charles de Wet AND George Muthee
#ENSafrica sheds light on recent African tax developments and issues that could seriously affect the success of your business.

Podcast | Business Law Focus | Time for a Data Protection Health Check

25 Jul 2022
BY Ridwaan Boda AND Era Gunning
ENSafrica's Era Gunning and Ridwaan Boda highlight the importance of conducting a Data Protection Health Check.

ENSafrica x Daily Maverick | Data Protection: Privacy in a POPIA world

21 Jul 2022
POPIA gives effect to the constitutional right to privacy including the free flow of information within South Africa and across international borders.’ In a world where data privacy should be the norm, why do we need to legislate it?

webinar | explained: SA’s Mine Health and Safety Amendment Bill

18 Jul 2022
BY Willem le Roux , Pieter Colyn AND Celeste Coles
ENSafrica presents the proposed changes in the Mine Health and Safety Amendment Bill, and how it will impact your business.

webinar | anti-bribery and fraud in Namibia

28 Jun 2022
BY Charles Visser AND Suad Jacobs
steps to reducing fraud and corruption in your business

webinar | money laundering and terrorist financing: are you at risk?

10 Jun 2022
BY Angela Itzikowitz , Era Gunning , Lindo Ntuli AND Amelia Warren
With money laundering and terrorist financing on the rise, many South African industries aren't doing enough to mitigate the risks, and in turn, aren't complying with FICA, according to a Financial Action Task Force (FATF) report.

webinar | we’ve seen the future – and it looks cloudy

01 Jun 2022
BY Isaivan Naidoo AND Kayla Ferreira
It is crucial to gain a solid understanding of cloud computing before you can start managing the risks involved and improving your cloud computing contracts.

ENSafrica x Daily Maverick | how reviving SA tourism can stimulate growth and job

26 May 2022
Business Maverick’s Sasha Planting in conversation with Tshifhiwa Tshivhengwa, CEO of Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA) and Graham Wood, Chief Operating Officer: Hospitality at Sun International.

webinar | resolution of financial service providers

24 May 2022
BY Lisa Melis
ESG: changing financial services for the good