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Investing in Africa | Kenya’s legal amendments spark investment interest

01 Dec 2023
BY Celia Becker , Mahesh Acharya , Faith Chebet , Anthony Gakuru , Dennis Gathara AND George Muthee
Dive into Kenya's business dynamics with our experts as they dissect recent amendments in data privacy, employment, and tax laws, shaping the landscape for foreign investment.

Podcast | Business Law Focus | M&A and private equity trends to watch in 2024

30 Nov 2023
BY Doron Joffe AND Julius Oosthuizen
Discover the pulse of SA's business landscape as we look into M&A, private equity, and deal-making with Doron Joffe and Julius Oosthuizen. Gain insights into trends, challenges, and opportunities, and a sneak peek into 2024's outlook.

ENSign Podcast | Beyond Borders: The relevance of ESG in Africa

28 Nov 2023
BY Celia Becker , James Brand AND Jessica Blumenthal
This podcast is led by our Africa Regulatory and Business Intelligence Executive, Celia Becker, who chats to ENS' ESG specialists about the relevance of ESG in Africa, especially as COP28 lies ahead.

Property Law series | The elements of a sale agreement

07 Nov 2023
BY Arshaad Carim AND Raeesa Seedat
Welcome to the first video of our property law series, where we explore key insights for sellers and buyers on sales agreements. Click the video below for a crash course on a sale agreement’s purpose, prerequisites, and essential legal aspects.

Webinar | IP in the era of metaverses, AI and NFTs

31 Oct 2023
BY Waldo Steyn
Learn how metaverses, generative AI, and NFTs are changing IP in the metaverse era. Join our thought-provoking discussion on how businesses can use IP to succeed in this new tecnológica age.

In conversation with Nigel Shaw on Wakili, Quick One

09 Oct 2023
BY Nigel Shaw
Explore Nigel Shaw's incredible journey and the establishment of ENS Kenya as he shares his story in an interview with Johnson Kariuki on Wakili, Quick One.

Investing in Africa webinar series | insights from Nigeria’s investment facilitation agencies

02 Oct 2023
BY Celia Becker
Explore the challenges faced by Africa's largest economy and gain valuable insights into legislative and regulatory initiatives aimed at boosting foreign direct investment.

webinar | Africa's local mining policies

09 Sep 2023
BY Guillaume P. Blanc , Otsile Matlou , Donald Nyakairu , Paa Kwesi Morrison , Anthony Gakuru AND Dorencia Pillay
Explore Africa's evolving mining policies, their impact on economic development, and opportunities for cross-border operations. Join our expert panel from Ghana, Kenya, Francophone Africa, Namibia, South Africa, and Uganda.

webinar | webinar | data privacy in the workplace: an Africa perspective

07 Sep 2023
BY Brian Patterson , Patricia Jane Mumuni , Ray-wood Rukoro , Rehema Nakirya Ssemyalo , Suemeya Hanif , Jean Claude Kabera , Harry Bansropun AND Dennis Gathara
Explore the evolving world of workplace data privacy with our employment experts across Africa to understand its ethical, legal, and trust-building dimensions.

In conversation with Miranda Feinstein | celebrating 100 years of South African women in law

01 Sep 2023
BY Miranda Feinstein
Meet Miranda Feinstein, our pioneering female executive since 1979. Join us in celebrating 100 years of South African women in law with Miranda, as she shares her journey and guides aspiring female legal professionals.

investing in Africa | beyond connectivity: Zambia strengthens its data protection regulation for the digital era

30 Aug 2023
BY Era Gunning
Explore Zambia's digital economy evolution with our data protection specialist Era Gunning joined by Data Protection Commissioner and Chipili Salati from Zambia as they discuss data protection, cross-border transfers, and regulatory compliance.

Investing in Africa webinar series | Intellectual Property

28 Jul 2023
BY Dr. Joanne van Harmelen , Gaelyn Scott , Ilse du Plessis AND Waldo Steyn
Africa's thriving economic potential driven by its youthful population is hindered by weak IP protection, allowing counterfeit products to prevail. Our IP specialists will share vital insights on bolstering IP protection in the region.

ENSign podcast | The regulation of private equity in Ghana

25 Jul 2023
BY David A Asiedu AND Nana Yaa Ahmed
The regulation of private equity in Ghana is a complex and evolving landscape. Join us in our latest episode of ENSign with David Asiedu and Nana Yaa Ahmed, as they unpack the latest developments and discuss the implications for investors.

webinar | Africa tax webinar - navigating the digital frontier

25 Jul 2023
BY Celia Becker , Paa Kwesi Morrison , Scott Salusbury , Charles de Wet AND George Muthee
Discover the impact of tax on tech advancements, ecommerce, and globalisation in Africa's business landscape. Join our virtual roundtable with our tax experts and guest speaker, the Co-Founder of M&H Consulting Africa, Nadia Hamilton

ENSign podcast | unbundling and deregulating electricity generation in Africa

19 Jun 2023
BY Celia Becker , Eric le Grange , Nigel Shaw AND Nkatha Murungi Omondi
Our latest episode of ENSign has our experts discuss the restructuring of Africa’s power sector, focusing on Kenya and South Africa. Discover insights on addressing the pressing issue of #loadshedding in SA, triggering this important conversation.