ENS Investing in Africa brings together experts from various African regions to explore and discuss the complexities of African investments. The series, created to unpack the nuances of doing business on the continent and share this in-depth knowledge with organisations, takes a deep dive into investment climates, emerging sectors, regulations, and associated risks.

Catch up on the series through the links below.

Investing in Africa webinars


Investing In Africa | Zambia Beyond Connectivity | 24 AUG

Data Protection Commissioner Mr Likando Luywa, in discussion with our Executive, Era Gunning, a data protection specialist, and Chipili Salati, a partner at Mulenga Mundashi Legal Practitioners in Zambia discuss and share crucial insights into the changing landscape of Zambia's digital economy.

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Investing In Africa | insights from Nigeria’s investment facilitation agencies | 2 OCT

Catch up on the insightful discussions featuring experts from the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission, the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council, and other key institutions. Explore the challenges faced by Africa's largest economy and gain valuable insights into legislative and regulatory initiatives aimed at boosting foreign direct investment. Stay informed and be part of the transformation shaping Nigeria's investment landscape.


Investing In Africa | Intellectual Property | 27 JUL

Africa's promising economic growth is fuelled by its youthful population, but weak IP protection exposes the market to counterfeit products, harming consumers, and legitimate businesses. IP specialists Gaelyn Scott, Ilse du Plessis, Dr Joanne van Harmelen, and Waldo Steyn will address best practices for effective IP protection and enforcement in Africa.


Investing In Africa | KENYA | 30 NOV

Kenya remains the largest and most advanced economy in East and Central Africa and is regarded as the region’s financial and economic hub. To encourage foreign investment and increase the ease of doing business in the country, the government has recently introduced significant amendments to data privacy, employment, and tax legislation.

Join our Investing in Africa webinar series, where lawyers from our Nairobi office explore these changes, as well as trends in jurisprudence likely to impact investors and key learnings and opportunities for businesses venturing into Kenya.


Investing in Africa | Africa's data protection landscape: Legislation, enforcement, and best practices | 4 APR

Discover how Africa's data protection landscape is undergoing rapid transformation fueled by digital connectivity and global compliance pressures. From the enactment of stringent data protection laws to the increased enforcement efforts by regulatory bodies, businesses face a complex regulatory environment with significant risks for non-compliance. Join us for our upcoming webinar in the Investing in Africa series, where ENS data protection experts will delve into the legal frameworks, compliance requirements, consequences of breaches, and best practices for data protection across the continent.

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With offices in Eastern, Southern and Western Africa, and more than 600 specialist practitioners, we have deep expertise and the capacity to solve all your legal, tax, forensics and IP requirements, and help you navigate regulatory hurdles, no matter where in Africa you do business.