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SARS requests for information: think before you ink

tax | 30 Aug 2022
BY Nicolette Smit
A person or taxpayer that receives a request for information must provide the relevant material to SARS at the place and in the format within the time period specified in the request

Wimbledon: quiet please, it’s time to think IP

02 Aug 2022
BY Gaelyn Scott, Tevin Jones
A reminder to all those involved in sport – sportsmen and women, teams, clubs, sponsors, event organisers- to consider their IP carefully and make sure that it is protected and licensed.

Think Different? Sorry, but the “use it or lose it” rule applies to you too

05 Jul 2022
BY Delene Bertasso
We frequently discuss the requirement that trade mark owners must use their registered trade marks. We do this because the consequences of failing to adhere to the so-called “use it or lose it” rule …

COFI will expand the regulatory net for lenders

07 Jun 2022
BY Jessica Blumenthal, Talia Cullinan
All financial institutions, even those currently regulated, will need to grapple with whether COFI requires “business as usual”, or if it warrants a substantive re-think of how things are done.

High Court sets aside B-BBEE Commission’s adverse findings: Is it time to rethink your owner-driver scheme?

15 Mar 2022
BY Sanjay Kassen, Parusha Desai Valodia, Zoë Wein
All companies should assess their existing owner-driver schemes to ensure that it achieves the intended B-BBEE objectives in compliance with the B-BBEE legislation.

Trade mark stats: not as boring as you might think

IP | 30 Jul 2021
BY Rowan Forster
The analytics company Clarivate recently published some trade mark filing statistics that tell us quite a bit.

Best steer clear of Aunty Helen

05 Jul 2021
BY Manisha Bugwandeen-Doorasamy
You might think that “Aunty Helen” is a perfectly good trade mark. After all, it could work with a variety of goods and services – tea, biscuits, rusks, knitwear, nursery schools, counselling service…

The purpose of the company reimagined – a dramatic shift in thinking

20 Nov 2020
BY Michael Katz
“Capitalism as we know it is dead, a new model of business is taking its place, driven by values, ethics, care of employees, concern for a multiplicity of stakeholders including, in particular, the p…

Think twice before restraining environmental activism

28 Jul 2020
BY Carlyn Frittelli Davies
As many people are forced to isolate at varying degrees, the access to technology brings global issues to a head. Some issues are historic racial discrimination and the restraining of freedom of spee…

Taking the panic out of a data breach

technology, media and telecommunications | 22 Oct 2019
BY Nicole Gabryk, Era Gunning, Ridwaan Boda
If you think your organisation has never experienced a data breach, it may be time to reconsider

Is it time to rethink broad-based Black ownership?

25 Apr 2019
BY Sanjay Kassen
The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Commission has declared that the vast majority of transactions involving broad-based trusts are not compliant with the law.