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Next in fashion: Extended producer responsibility?

22 Nov 2022
BY Carlyn Frittelli Davies
Ultimately, it is the end user who becomes responsible for the environmental impacts and disposal of the items. It begs the question, who should be responsible for the problem?

Africa Business in Brief

Africa Business in Brief | 16 Oct 2022
issue 470East Africa EAC drafts guidelines on transferring pension within member countries - EAC drafts guidelines on transferring pension within member countries East Africa East African states lea…

Tax Indaba Roundup

07 Sep 2022
Following the robust discussions that took place at the Tax Indaba 2022, see more ENSights on all things tax here:

The world of giants and fairies – Zara vs House of Zana

IP | 06 Sep 2022
BY Manisha Bugwandeen-Doorasamy
The hearing officer made a number of observations: the goods in issue are identical, the average consumer of clothing is the public at large, clothing is a regular purchase, and the trade mark ZARA h…

Colour trade marks: another purple patch?

06 Sep 2022
BY Gaelyn Scott
In the South African Trade Marks Act, the definition of the word “mark” makes specific reference to colour. So, a colour or a combination of colours can be registered as a trade mark – you’d surely e…

Key Highlights of the Finance Act, 2022

06 Sep 2022
BY George Muthee
The Act introduces material changes to the tax regime in Kenya and is largely aimed at enhancing revenue collection, promoting investments and bringing alignment to the current tax laws.

Understanding the ESG movement | OFM Interview

In the news | 21 Aug 2022
BY James Brand
Investing and committing to ESG is not only good for business but it's also the right thing to do. James Brand explains what ESG credentials are and why they're garnering attention in South Africa a…

DealMakers Women's Month Feature

12 Aug 2022
BY Carine Pick, Lydia Shadrach-Razzino, Gabi Mailula, Wilmari Strachan
DealMakers looks into the lives of ENSafrica's female M&A and Financial Markets experts, how they navigate the challenges within the legal industry while maintaining a work/life balance

Wimbledon: quiet please, it’s time to think IP

02 Aug 2022
BY Gaelyn Scott, Tevin Jones
A reminder to all those involved in sport – sportsmen and women, teams, clubs, sponsors, event organisers- to consider their IP carefully and make sure that it is protected and licensed.

Can AI invent? Courts around the world weigh in

02 Aug 2022
BY Dr. Joanne van Harmelen
The UKIPO recently announced that it is of the view that, as things stand, an AI system cannot be the inventor for the purposes of patent law.

Think Different? Sorry, but the “use it or lose it” rule applies to you too

05 Jul 2022
BY Delene Bertasso
We frequently discuss the requirement that trade mark owners must use their registered trade marks. We do this because the consequences of failing to adhere to the so-called “use it or lose it” rule …