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Namibia ESG article series

13 Dec 2023
BY Wayne Rukero, Camelot Brinkman, Amarachukwu Odo, Stefanie Busch, Twapewa Mwashindange, Vanessa Boesak
Our series explores the legal, financial, and business dimensions in Namibia. From pioneering legal frameworks to advancing financial resilience, each piece is crafted to guide you in fostering susta…

Key takeaways from ENS | Namibia’s inter-office panel discussion on ESG

28 Nov 2023
BY Camelot Brinkman
ENS | Namibia recently hosted a panel discussion, focusing on ESG trends such as decarbonisation and sustainable financing shaping the Namibian landscape.

Can sustainable finance save our planet?

19 Sep 2023
BY Cheri Young, Jessica Blumenthal
Financial institutions play a critical role in ensuring that the correct projects are funded, and appropriate risk-mitigation measures are implemented to buffer economies from the worst effects of cl…

Sustainable finance in Kenya

15 Aug 2023
BY Nkatha Murungi Omondi, Binti Shah
The progress made in the regulation of sustainable finance in Kenya is promising and sustainable financing instruments are likely to increase in the upcoming years.

podcast | Business Law Focus | How far does the ESG Advice Duty go?

19 Apr 2023
BY Jessica Blumenthal, Talia Cullinan
Join the conversation on ESG advice duty and the responsibility of businesses in building a sustainable future with expert panelists Jessica Blumenthal and Talia Cullinan on the latest episode of Business Law Focus.

Transitioning to circular mining: a path to sustainability

02 Feb 2023
BY Stefanie Busch
Introducing a circular economy would go a long way in promoting sustainability in African mining, and would also help mining companies achieve their ESG targets. How can legislative and policy framew…

sustainable innovation in African life sciences and medicine

13 Oct 2022
BY Dr. Joanne van Harmelen, Waldo Steyn
What are the most significant risks and opportunities for sustainable innovation in the Africa and what role does Intellectual Property play?

ESG and the rise of sustainable finance in Mauritius

27 Sep 2022
BY Jessica Blumenthal, Nashenta Vuddamalay Zindel, Varni Veerabudren, Laksha Juddoo
Mauritius has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions by 40% by 2030 and projects that this will require funding of USD6.5-billion.

Will the JSE’s Sustainability Disclosure Guidance transform ESG in South Africa’s mining industry?

06 May 2022
BY Carlyn Frittelli Davies, Dalit Anstey
Environmental Social Governance (“ESG”) in South Africa may be potentially revolutionised by the JSE’s publication of a document titled, “Leading the way for a better tomorrow: JSE Sustainability Dis…

European sustainability law will impact SA companies

24 Mar 2022
BY Mansoor Parker, James Brand
Does your company have solid due diligence and sustainability policies? Are your standard precedent agreements geared for a world in which sustainability is the focus?

Food Loss and Food Waste: ESG and Sustainability Enquiry

12 Nov 2021
BY James Brand
South Africa’s Food Loss and Food Waste

Sustainability Collaboration: Competition Law Considerations

09 Nov 2021
BY James Brand, Darren Smith
There is a proverb that says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

ESG investment and sustainable financing for mine closures and rehabilitation

22 Jan 2021
BY Lloyd Christie, Dalit Anstey
With the Financial Provisioning Regulations deadline fast approaching, mining companies will need to consider financing solutions to top-up their shortfalls when rehabilitating, remediating and closi…

Sustainable finance and the South African financial services sector

11 Aug 2020
BY Jessica Blumenthal, James Brand, Dalit Anstey
National Treasury’s draft technical paper: “Financing a Sustainable Economy” (“the technical paper”), published in May 2020, is a recognition by South Africa’s regulators of the potential impact of c…

In times of crisis and beyond: the imperative for sustainable development

25 Jun 2020
BY Stephen Levetan, Dalit Anstey
Government and developers will be required to consider and strike a balance between all of the pillars of sustainable development in rebuilding South Africa during and post-COVID.