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Digital transformation: evolving business models and evolving risks (retailer’s edition)

02 Apr 2024
BY Ridwaan Boda AND Alexander Powell

In the first of a series of articles, we will focus on digital transformation in retail and the typical legal considerations faced by retailers when digitising their businesses.

Factors for consideration by trustees when withholding a member's pension fund benefits

02 Apr 2024
BY Wandile Ndabambi , Michelle Clague AND Atlegang Raganya

Various court decisions have established parameters regarding the withholding of a member's benefit by a pension fund, under the Pension Funds Act 24, 1956.

Directors held personally liable for the non-payment of pension fund contributions and the application of prescription to complaints in terms of the Pension Funds Act.

02 Apr 2024
BY Wandile Ndabambi AND Atlegang Raganya

Directors must understand their legal obligation to transfer all deducted member contributions into the pension fund's account within seven days after each month-end. Non-compliance risks personal liability and asset jeopardy.

South African SIFI banks and holding companies are required to issue Flac (unsecured debt) instruments for resolution readiness

02 Apr 2024
BY Madison Liebmann , Matthew Morrison AND Sinovuyo Damane

South African banks designated as Systemically Important Financial Institutions (SIFIs) must meet Flac requirements starting in 2025, with full compliance required by 2030. Non-compliance can lead to regulatory actions.

Tax in brief | issue 118

02 Apr 2024

Issue 118 of ENS' tax in brief, a snapshot of the latest tax developments in South Africa.

Africa Business In Brief

issue 539 | 31 Mar 2024

issue 539

ENS brings home top results from The Legal 500 rankings 2024

28 Mar 2024

Our commitment to legal innovation, excellence and client-centric approach has earned us more accolades. We have achieved top results in The Legal 500 2024 rankings.

ENS Mauritius maintains excellence in 2024 Legal 500 rankings

28 Mar 2024

Our Mauritius office has once again been recognised for providing cutting-edge and insightful legal advice to clients by The Legal 500 2024 rankings.

ENS Kenya ranked for outstanding client service in the 2024 Legal 500 rankings

28 Mar 2024

Our Kenya office has been ranked in the 2024 Legal 500 rankings.

ENS Uganda gets top tier in 2024 Legal 500 rankings

28 Mar 2024

Our Uganda office has received Tier 1 results in the 2024 Legal 500 rankings.

ENS Ghana earns recognition in 2024 Legal 500 rankings

28 Mar 2024

Our Ghana practice maintains its track record as a leading practice in Ghana in the 2024 Legal 500 rankings.

A rare victory for taxpayers: The High Court – a proper referee for certain tax disputes – blows the final whistle on the interpretation of section 4(2) of the Mineral Royalty Act

27 Mar 2024
BY Andries Myburgh , Ntebaleng Sekabate AND Emile Cronje

The High Court's ruling in Richards Bay Mining (Pty) Ltd v C:SARS is a notable win for the taxpayer, providing clarity on calculating mineral royalties and potentially easing financial burdens for companies extracting multiple mineral resources.

ExxonMobil's legal battle with shareholder activists, Arjuna Capital and Follow This: A watershed moment in ESG shareholder activism?

26 Mar 2024
BY Gabi Mailula , Asanda Lembede AND Nina Gamsu

In an unprecedented legal move, ExxonMobil has instituted a lawsuit against two shareholder activists, alleging that their proposed resolution seeks to unduly interfere with the company's day-to-day operations.

VAT treatment of electronic services: South Africa has received the message (probably)

26 Mar 2024
BY Jo-Paula Roman AND Charles de Wet

South Africa initially implemented VAT on certain electronic services in 2014, primarily focusing on B2C transactions. The 2019 Regulations have significantly expanded the scope of electronic services subject to VAT, moving beyond the original focus.

Unilateral mistakes in signing agreements when using unconventional methods - Enter at your own risk

25 Mar 2024
BY Doron Joffe AND Asanda Lembede

In cross-border transactions, electronic contracts, smart contracts, and escrow are vital for efficient contract execution. A recent legal case emphasises the need for agreements to match negotiated terms precisely.

webinar | emerging risks for trustees

22 May 2023
BY Zeyn Bhyat , Deon Beachen , Era Gunning , Jessica Blumenthal , Robert Gad AND Megan Stuart-Steer
Stay informed and navigate your role effectively as a trustee with our expert panelists discussing the latest developments in the Trust Property Control Act. Gain valuable insights to ensure compliance and success in your responsibilities.

a conversation on employment law with Moodz Media

19 May 2023
BY Dion Masher AND Shrivan Dabee
Uncover the intricacies of #remoteworking, #harassment, and more with our employment law experts Shrivan Dabee and Dion Masher in conversation with Moodz Media.

webinar | FICA: what is a risk-based approach?

09 May 2023
BY Era Gunning AND Suad Jacobs
Our experts Era Gunning, Suad Jacobs, and Jimmy Helm share valuable insights on the newly added Accountable Institutions and the importance of implementing a Risk Management and Compliance Programme.

podcast | Business Law Focus | How far does the ESG Advice Duty go?

19 Apr 2023
BY Jessica Blumenthal
Join the conversation on ESG advice duty and the responsibility of businesses in building a sustainable future with expert panelists Jessica Blumenthal and Talia Cullinan on the latest episode of Business Law Focus.

webinar | Navigating cross-border tax disputes: challenges and solutions in Africa

13 Apr 2023
BY Peter Dachs , Andries Myburgh , Dieudonné Nzafashwanayo , Phillip Karugaba AND George Muthee
Join our tax experts for an insightful discussion on resolving tax disputes in African jurisdictions. Explore objection and appeal processes, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, court processes, and preferred resolution options.

webinar | law of employment: hiring and firing in Africa

05 Apr 2023
BY Brian Patterson , Audrey Johnson , Charles Visser , David A Asiedu , Eustache Ngoga , Rachel Musoke , Ray-wood Rukoro , Shrivan Dabee AND Faith Chebet
navigate the ever-changing landscape of remote work and economic uncertainty while building inclusive workspaces and minimising legal risks with our panel of experts across Africa.

webinar | mine health and safety: the latest ENSights

03 Apr 2023
BY Willem le Roux , Pieter Colyn , Celeste Coles AND Warren Hendricks
Gain valuable insights into the challenges facing the mining industry in the age of COVID-19 and the new TMM regulations with our expert MOHS panel.

ENSign podcast | navigating redundancy in Ghana

07 Mar 2023
BY David A Asiedu AND Amina Abugdanpoka Kaguah
Discover the ins and outs of workplace redundancy with Amina Kaguah and David Asiedu on the ENSign podcast. Explore the necessary steps employers must take and how to lessen its impact for affected employees.

webinar | Budget Speech 2023: same old same old or some big surprises?

22 Feb 2023
BY Jenny Klein , Mansoor Parker AND Charles de Wet
Gain key insights and practical advice from our tax experts and acclaimed economist, Dr Iraj Abedian, as we analyze Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana's 2023 Budget Speech

podcast | Business Law Focus | what could lie ahead South Africa in the 2023 Budget Speech

21 Feb 2023
BY Charles de Wet
Tune in to Business Law Focus as host Evan Pickworth interviews Charles de Wet, about his predictions pertaining to the upcoming South African budget speech.

podcast | SA budget speech 2023 predictions with Charles de Wet

16 Feb 2023
BY Charles de Wet
South Africa’s Minister of Finance, Enoch Godongwana, is to deliver his budget speech on 22 February. What can South Africans expect in 2023 budget speech?

podcast | mining ENSights with Stefanie Busch

08 Feb 2023
BY Stefanie Busch
Our podcast features an informative discussion with expert insights from Stefanie Bush, on the exciting shift from traditional linear models to a more circular approach in the mining industry.

podcast | Business Law Focus | where to next for SA's mining sector?

06 Feb 2023
BY Ntsiki Adonisi
Explore the latest trends and insights on ESG in the mining industry, as we delve into the impact of ESG on moving the industry forward and the measures that can be taken by the industry to become more socially responsible and investor-friendly.

ESG: A Legal Perspective

02 Feb 2023
ENSafrica is at the forefront of addressing the evolving challenges faced by the mining industry. With deep industry knowledge of the current issues, our team is dedicated to helping clients navigate the rapidly changing environment.

ENSafrica webinar | | FICA 101

31 Jan 2023
BY Angela Itzikowitz , Era Gunning , Lindo Ntuli AND Amelia Warren
catch up on a valuable webinar on #FICA and its impact on your business! Learn from experts Era Gunning, Angela Itzikowitz, Lindo Ntuli and Amelia Warren on how to effectively manage FICA and minimize liability.