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ENS’ Linda Sheehan named an AI Visionary 2024

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming the nexus of transformation, profoundly changing the way we do business in the modern world.

Exemplifying this is Linda Sheehan  Head of intelligENS (our technology and AI offering), who has been named an AI Visionary by Relativity for 2024.

ENS is at the forefront of leading legal technology innovation by to being the first law firm on the African continent to adopt RelativityOne, a globally-leading legal technology platform back in 2022.

RelativityOne uses advanced analytics, machine learning and data visualisation to quickly sift through volumes of unstructured data and uncover the most important information for use in many different ways, including eDiscovery, transaction management including due diligence and the like.  Smart AI leverages machine learning to perform the big data sifting and sorting, thereby allowing the human beings more time for the analytics pieces of work needed to be done with the outputs of its AI work. 

To be named an AI Visionary by Relativity, one must embody the criteria of exploring, supporting, and experimenting with artificial intelligence in the legal sector each year.

Linda's commitment to streamlining data breach responses and pioneering transformative approaches in high-stakes investigations and litigations, not only underscores our position as leading legal innovators in Africa, but also affirms our approach of pushing boundaries to drive transformative change.

As we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Linda, we also wish to express our gratitude to our valued clients, whose trust and partnership fuel our continuous pursuit of excellence in providing innovative legal solutions.