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46% of companies feel they are highly exposed to bribery in Africa
highly exposed 46% moderately exposed 27% limited exposure 19% no exposure 8%
19% have experienced an incident of bribery in the past 24 months, 23% unsure
yes 19% no 58% not sure 23%
80% of bribery incidents took place in Africa
Africa 80% Asia 20%
40% of incidents reported via whistle-blower hotline; 40% via email
by whistleblower hotline / ethics line facility 40% by e-mail 40% don't know 20%
Impact of bribery
Financial loss (39%) followed by reputational damage (37%) and enforcement costs (24%) would most severely impact a company if corruption was discovered
corporate reputation 37% financial loss 39% enforcement costs 24%
Sources of bribery
Use of third parties poses the greatest risk (25%); followed by facilitation payments (20%); and Customs Clearance (15%)
use of third parties 25% facilitation payments 20% customs clearance and importation of goods 15% charitable contributions/donations 10% entertainment related to government 7% political contributions 6% gifts to foreign government officials 6% expenses for travel and lodging of foreign governemnt officials 4% employment of governemnt officials or their relatives 4% not sure 3%

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