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Knowledge of our business, understanding of our needs and requirements, and promptness
IFLR 1000, 2019

ENSafrica | intelligENS is a specialist division within Africa’s largest law firm. We offer products and services that are powered by cutting-edge, digital systems using artificial intelligence, in order to conduct sophisticated analyses of information, especially when there is a need to process large volumes of data in fast turnaround times.

Our dedicated team of legal and digital data analysis experts (including lawyers and specialists in digital forensics, e-discovery and risk management) are highly experienced in importing and indexing relevant information, as well as in inspecting and interrogating the information to deliver the necessary insights to you and your business, in the shortest possible time.

Our key differentiator is that we keep costs low because all the tools and systems that we use are deployed in-house, which means that we do not need to outsource.

We can help you when you need to catalogue or analyse large volumes of data and need results quickly. Whether for purposes of due diligence, e-discovery, cyber security, governance, digital forensics, research or otherwise, we are able to bring a new level of speed, accuracy and precision to data processing, interrogation and cataloguing.

We have the unique advantage, as part of Africa’s largest law firm, of being able to harness the expertise of more than 600 practitioners throughout the continent. ENSafrica has a significant breadth and depth of experience and specialist expertise that spans all commercial areas of law, tax, forensics and IP.

As such, we regularly partner with specialists across the firm, meaning that we are able to assist with all aspects of all matters across all sectors in all African jurisdictions, ensuring that your legal requirements are handled quickly and seamlessly.

what we offer

ENSafrica | intelligENS’s capabilities include:

  • importing (we collect information from various platforms and different types of storage media or devices, whether the data is at your premises or at remote locations)
  • indexing and inspecting (we filter and catalogue information, including deleting irrelevant data, extracting key threads and classifying information to ensure relevant material can be found quickly)
  • interrogating (we analyse information to determine relevant trends, associations and patterns to help you find what you are looking for)

We are able to offer assistance in the following areas:

  • intelligENS cyber security solutions can protect against breaches, and respond quickly when a breach occurs. This essential service is provided within the context that cybercrime is estimated to cost approximately USD6-trillion per year globally.
  • intelligENS cyber security solutions can provide the comfort of a vulnerability due diligence to ensure that you are protected from cyber threats, cyberattacks and subsequent concerns regarding the protection of personal information.
  • intelligENS practitioners have significant experience in dealing with data privacy regulations around the world, and can advise on the most effective and compliant approaches to handling your digital evidence in strict accordance with national data privacy laws, which is particularly challenging in a cross-border setting where multiple jurisdictions apply.
  • intelligENS data scientists can assist with the crucial task of information retrieval, in which the scientific disciplines marshalled for an effective information retrieval effort (data science, linguistics and statistics) are essential to the successful conducting of the document review.


used for a major class action dispute involving a food distributor, incorporating more than 25 terabytes of data.
Machine learning software
used to review more than 10 000 contracts in a large M&A due diligence.
End-to-end eDiscovery
process managed for a competition dawn raid of an international oil and gas company.
into fraud allegations across the African continent, involving South African and international companies.